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Our MD

Induss has been a pioneer in the rice parboiling technology with a strong quality orientation of ‘Fit and Forget’. We have an experience of many decades of being a market leader in the rice parboiling business, working closely with reputed rice manufacturers in India and abroad.

It is our immense joy and pride that the ‘Induss way of Parboiling rice’ has been recognized internationally by world bodies in the field.
Though our market, like all others, is changing every day. It’s becoming more dynamic, and everything is becoming ‘automatic’. That is why Induss attempts to stay ahead of the competition by introducing 100% Automatic Plants. So far, we had been the ‘first and the only brand’ to install fully automatic plants are the rice owners are experiencing fabulous results.

Needless to mention that every day we are moving more and more towards ‘automation’ and in near future, we wish to transform the entire market from ‘manual to automatic’.

S.S. Aggarwal
(Managing Director)